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Juju Handicraft is an Export Oriented firm established to design/collect Nepalese Handicrafts, supporting the centuries old traditional method.

Juju Handicraft officially (Company registration) started its international approach since August 2001. Juju Handicraft specializes mainly in Nepalese Handicraft Merchandise.

Our professional services are designed as per client’s demand and taste. We guarantee a best product at an affordable cost. The Firm is continuingly emphasizing towards promoting genuine artists, preserving traditional method, and recognizing the Nepalese traditional art in International Handicraft Arena.

The Firm delivers a large variety of Metal Statues. Besides, it also deals on Silver Ritual items, Traditional Silver and Gold Jewelry, Thangka paintings and wooden crafts upon special orders.

Why Juju Handicraft?

With an experience since 1976, Juju Handicrafts knows choice of a customer. It has more than a dozen of artists especially for designing metal statue. The artists have experience of more than 15 years to 30 years. The Metal statues and traditional ritual items & jewelry are mostly designed in Newari, Tibetan, and Mongolian styles.

The Firm concentrates upon Quality rather than Quantity. The products are of High Class and lifetime guaranteed. There have been no complaints since commence of the business. The firm has clients mainly from Europe, Asia, and United States of America. The Firm provides Home Delivery services with competitive charges through recognized Cargo Companies.

While The Roots Of Our Experience Lie In Working With Clients From Different Parts Of The World, We Differentiate Ourselves Through:

  Our Senior Artists are more experienced and creative.

  Our Services extends from business strategy to implementation; rather than just selling Merchandise, we provide various Best Buy offers and gifts to our clients.

  We work closely with our clients, involving them in the decision process, understanding their real needs.

  We accept orders both large and small scale; we flex our capacity to suit our clients’ needs.


Mr. Juju Raj Bajracharya

For over 45 years, Mr. Juju Raj Bajracharya, Founder of Juju Handicraft, is constantly working on improving, promoting Nepalese Handicrafts in different parts of the world through his personal and generous efforts. His honest determination to introduce, promote and provide Nepalese handicrafts, specialized in Buddhist statue making, the tradition led by Shakya and Bajracharya families of Kathmandu valley, which dates back to more than 1500 years, has earned him many clients and dharma friends all around the world. As a traditional art, Mr. Bajracharya has always emphasized on the quality of completeness as a whole in accordance to Buddhist Tradition which is preferred by both Practitioners and Collectors.

Mr. Bajracharya, started his career in mid 70s as a junior artist (specialized in Total Quality Management of the Traditional products) and later as a salesperson in one of the curio shop in Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marg. His experience as both an artist and a salesperson led him to better understanding of both making and providing at the best. Currently, with his guidance of specialized experience, Juju Handicraft Team has been training new artists, maintaining the traditional approach, participating International Trade Fairs to represent the Nepalese handicrafts.

Providing Quality and being more Flexible in demand from both Practitioners and Collectors has always been a top priority in his journey of Buddhist traditional handicrafts business endeavors. His kind and generous behavior towards his subordinates, artists, customers and their immense support to our Journey, has motivated Juju Handicraft Team to expand to new greater heights with determination of providing the best in International handicraft Arena.

Our Core Values

  • Client service first - excellent, flexible, and professional service.
  • We are focused on creating and adding value.
  • We appreciate integrity, matching words with actions and telling clients like it is.
  • We ensure transparency in our business - what you see is what you get.
  • Teamwork - combining own and client’s view for the best results.
  • Results delivery - we focus on achieving tangible results that impact on our clients' preference/need.

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