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Amitabh BuddhaAmitabh Buddha

Amitabha Buddha

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Amitabha Buddha dwells in a pure celestial realm, created via the power of his infinite merit accumulated over countless lifetimes as a Bodhisattva. His light shines brilliantly from this celestial realm, pervading the entire universe. According to the Sutra, if sentient beings encounter his light, their defilements are removed; if they see his light, they are relieved and freed from affliction. At the end of their lives, beings who have faith in Amitabha reach emancipation, as he gives them rebirth in his Pure Land. And as Shakyamuni explains, “Sentient beings who are born in that Buddha-land all reside among those assured of nirvana.”

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9 inch


Copper Alloy with 24 Karat Gold Decoration, Lost Wax Method


2 Kg


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