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Bajradhara statueBajradhara statue


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Vajradhara is the ultimate primordial Buddha according to the Gelug and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism, and he is metaphysically equivalent to Samantabhadra in the Nyingma and Shakya traditions. He is the tantric form of Shakyamuni which means the bearer of the thunderclap, as Shakyamuni appeared in the aspect of Vajradhara when he delivered the third Wheel of Law and set forth the Tantric path for his gifted disciples. Vajradhara represents the very essence of enlightened mind – achieving the “state of Vajradhara” is synonymous with complete realization. He is revered as both the revealer of mysteries and the mystery itself.

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16 inch


Copper Alloy with 24 Karat Gold Decoration, Lost Wax Method


5.5 Kg


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