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Charlyn Edwards

I am a Sanskrit scholar and Buddhist teacher in Germany who first met Mr. Juju Raj Bajracharya at his shop in 1999 in Patan when a friend insisted upon bringing me there.   For over twenty years I have enjoyed Juju’s expertise, and now that of his family members whom I have witnessed skillfully expanding and exporting the business with the same care.  They adhere precisely to the traditional iconography of the images they provide for Buddhist practitioners and others appreciative of authenticity.  The beauty and workmanship of their images is to the highest standards such that I have lost interest in anything elsewhere and returned to them as a highlight of my travels in Nepal and India.  I have found everyone to be impeccably honest, reliable, informative, and attuned to my interests with a personal warmth.  Every requirement of customs and shipping has been flawlessly addressed.

KP Low

Knowing Mr. Juju Raj Bajracharya, the founder of Juju Handicraft, more than 35 years, Juju is a collection of high-quality handmade Nepalese handicrafts company which I used to visit. I realized that Juju is always aiming to keep Nepalese cultural, historical, and traditional handicrafts alive, particularly Buddhist Statues which is made in accordance with the original tradition & teachings of Buddha. The quality of Juju Handicraft’s expert metal statutes is extremely great. My family and I would like to express our sincere thanks to Juju & his lovely family and Juju Handicraft for bringing blessed smiles, peaceful mind and happiness at all times with those handicrafts delivered since 1993. May all be well & happy!

Leonard Poon

Juju handicraft is the best merchant I have ever met. They put 100% effort on the heritage of making most stunning and skillful buddha statues by using superior copper or silver or gold, thick gold gilded on copper which is not easy to be noticed by customers. Artisans practice meditation in the making process, you will feel their energy. Last but not the least, they are very honest and reliable, I have ordered several times and every deliveries were well-packed and punctual. Highly recommend!

Linda Karma Trinley

I have known Sujan for quite some time.

When Meditation Center in Jakarta needed Vajrasattva rupang, a Lhama introduced Sujan to us. He is very responsive, responsible. And the quality is superb. Later, I have an opportunity to visit Juju Handicraft in Kathmandu, they have a complete collection, and Sujan is very friendly, introduced the collection to me.

Just about half year ago, I moved to a new apartment in Singapore, and Sujan sent me an exquisite Buddha rupang. Meantime, he is very attentive to our request, and offers us several options. And not only that, he helps us to deliver from Kathmandu to Singapore in an elegant way, so I can rest assure, will be in a good shape.

Thank you so much, Sujan, and Juju Handicraft.


I have known Juju Raj Bajracharya and his sons for a long time. They were always very helpful in everything, gave me good advice with their great expertise in the handicraft field, the quality of their statues is consistently excellent, the price-quality ratio is right and I never had any problems with customs and delivery of goods because they go through the proper channels providing the necessary legal papers and that are very reliable. The showrooms are becoming more and more elegant. I look forward to seeing the one that is being arranged.

Dr. K. Abele

The Family business ” Juju Handicraft” is a part of a centuries-old tradition of Nepalese artisans for Buddhist sacred art. Due to the strict iconographic metrics, the figural representations allow little free artistic expression space, which is fully exploited here because of the perfect design. Therefore, the expressed concentration, contemplation and at the same time relaxed attitude of the statuettes is transferred to the viewer and gives him inner stability.

I’ve been watching for almost 50 years, the development process of “Juju Handicraft.” the family business is not only dedicated to the craft in its highest perfection, but also to the followings in Buddhist teachings. I would like to use the term “monastery quality” for this connection. Award.